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6 Recommended summer house flooring ideas

There are many flooring designs you can implement for your summer house. Explore the top six summer house flooring ideas.

Wool carpet

5 Top luxury living room flooring ideas

There’s a wide range of luxury flooring that you can choose for your space. To make the right decision, you need to work with a qualified flooring expert so that they can advise you accordingly. You should choose the type of flooring that is functional and also suits the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Some of the luxury living room flooring ideas include the following.

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Which flooring for loft conversion should you choose

The type of flooring you choose will vary depending on how you intend to use your attic space. Explore various flooring for loft conversion that you can consider.

carpeted living room

How to buy a carpet for the bedroom

Buying a carpet is easy if you know what you want. Here’s how you can buy the right carpet for your bedroom. 

half living room covered with carpet

How to buy a carpet for living room

There are several things such as your living room size and decor theme that influence the type of carpet you get. Here’s how to buy the right carpet for your living room.

Straight stairs covered with carpet

How to buy a carpet for stairs

Getting the right carpet is crucial because you will avoid any slipping hazards that may arise. Here’s how to buy the perfect carpet for staircase.

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How to Protect Your Carpet When Painting

Discover essential tips on protecting your carpet during painting projects in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the importance of covering every inch, and how these steps can benefit future carpet purchases. Make your home renovation easier and mess-free

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How to protect carpet from office chair

If your office has a carpet, you somehow have to figure out how to protect carpet from office chair. One way or another, without the right protector, your chair could easily ruin your carpet especially if the wheels are broken and/or dirty.

Office chairs are important in any office as they come in as basic furniture. Carpets on the other hand help bring in some more warmth and comfort...Read More

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How To Buy Carpet

A carpet is an integral part of your interior decor when it comes to selecting the best flooring option. From the carpet material, design, durability, colour, shape, and size, there are various things you need to put into consideration before making your big buy. Not forgetting your decor theme because you don’t want to buy a new carpet only for it to look out of place. Here’s a ...Read More

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Different Types of Carpets

Are you thinking of comfort or warmth underfoot? Then carpets are the most viable option in this case. With the different types of carpets for both commercial and home use available, choosing the most suitable option can be tricky. For easier decision-making, it’s advisable to hire a flooring specialist to help you out. Although not a common opti...Read More

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Saxony carpet pros and cons

With various types of carpets available, you can’t think of them without Saxony carpets coming to mind. If you’re looking to have that elegant and classy feel for your home, then this type of carpet is a recommended solution. What is Saxony carpet? Its a type of carpet, it has straight fibres which are of even lengths and ...Read More