6 Recommended summer house flooring ideas

Choosing the right flooring is an easy way to elevate your living space. When thinking of the right flooring for your summer house, you need to consider how often you plan on utilising the space, and its function. Will you use it as a dining area, a working space, or a spot where you can relax? We have compiled different summer house flooring ideas that you can opt for.

carpet flooring

1. Opt for a durable flooring solution

There are several durable flooring options that you can choose for your summer house including tiles, brick flooring, or slate, among others. Hardwearing flooring is a perfect option because you should opt for a solution that will withstand the different elements throughout the year. You can always ask your flooring contractor to suggest a suitable option depending on how you intend to use the space.

2. Consider a low-maintenance option

office room hard wooden floor

If you do not use your summer house often, as suggested by London’s house builder https://proficiencybespoke.co.uk, a  low-maintenance flooring solution such as laminate or vinyl would be perfect. Apart from being water-resistant, they are also quite affordable. If you were looking for an alternative that resembles wood flooring that you can get without breaking the bank, the two options come in different designs and patterns that you can consider. Be it muddy paws and dirty shoes, laminate and vinyl are easy to clean, thus, allowing you to enjoy a tidy space.

Man rolls up beige carpet

3. Consider insulating your flooring

You can easily achieve year-round comfort in your summer house through insulating. Proper flooring insulation will enable you to enjoy a comfortable space throughout the different seasons. Rigid insulation foam can be considered depending on the flooring installed in the space. Your flooring specialist should be able to guide you accordingly.

4. Add more texture and warmth

rug on single bedroom

You can easily achieve this by adding carpet flooring to your summer house. Different types of carpets have unique, colours, designs, and patterns that you can consider. With a carpet in place, you can easily make your space cosy and warm, especially during the cold seasons. Depending on your decor theme, you can select one that matches your space.

saxony carpet

5. Consider painting your wooden flooring

Tongue and groove wood flooring is a common solution for most summer houses. If the existing flooring is looking worn out, you can always add a fresh coat of paint to make it look as good as new. For a cool coastal vibe, you can paint it white or opt for a different colour that suits your overall decor. With wood, you only need to replace the damaged pieces and in case of any catches, you can have the floors sanded and apply a suitable finish. Painting the wooden floors is something you can take up as a DIY project because the amount of space is small.

6. Choose a sustainable option

Concrete is among the sustainable options for your summer house flooring. It also absorbs heat making it a good choice, especially in cold weather. It’s low maintenance, easy to clean and has decorative potential depending on the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. You also don’t have to worry if you have pets because it’s resistant to staining, making it easy to keep your space tidy.