Smart Savings or Pitfall? The True Cost of DIY Flooring Installation

“The work is just so expensive. Most of my cost will be from labor. I’m better off to do it myself.”
This is the mantra of many DIYers who get elbow-deep in a project before realizing that there is much more than materials that go into home renovation work, especially the demolition and re-installation of flooring. We understand that as a homeowner you’re trying to make every penny count, but consider this:

Tools are expensive

Man rolls up beige carpet

Installing flooring requires special tools that, unless you’re a professional contractor, or a floor installer yourself, you probably won’t have on hand. Take tile ceramic or porcelain flooring for example. You’ll need specialized equipment for breaking up and removing the existing tile floor, and then tools to scrape the subfloor of residual adhesive and grout. For re-installation, you’ll not only need an array of squaring tools, chalk lines, mallets, spacers, levels, and floats, but you’ll also need a specialized tile saw to cut the new pieces before putting them in place. These saws alone are in the hundreds (starting price!). The tools alone needed for tilting a single bathroom could end up costing you more than the professional installation labor cost would have!

Cleanup costs money too

dirty carpet

The cleanup following a flooring demo is more than a broom and dustpan (or a home vacuum for that matter) can handle. Many of the materials have sharp edges, and could potentially be unacceptable for garbage pickup. Not only that, but if mold and moisture was an issue in the space, mold could also be a factor in the removal of the debris, and could require special handling when being disposed of. All of that combined can be difficult for a homeowner to handle. The pros have the contacts for getting rid of ALL demo materials in your home and have the resources to take care of it quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Peace of mind is worth a lot

bedroom with vinyl flooring

When you trust the pros to handle your flooring materials installation, you can rest assured that you are getting quality, long-lasting work. Not only that, but oftentimes this work is covered more easily by your insurance since the companies providing the flooring services have licensure and their own insurance to protect themselves and you. The peace of mind that comes from this is worth its weight in gold since you won’t be worrying about the durability or longevity of your new floors.
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